Launched startups or growing

Launched startups or growing

Why do you need a marketing strategy?

Creating a new and wonderful product is just a part of a successful business. The other part – and more importantly – is the successful promotion of the product to your audience. Because people are so overloaded with information both online and offline, and this may not be as easy as you think.

We can provide marketing solutions for your startup. We can provide you with complete market information, including audience and competitor analysis, which will help you make an informed decision about the subsequent planning of initiation and finding investors.

How can we turn your startup into a profitable business?

  • Research and planningComprehensive market study, assessing online competition, similar products and potential audienceForecasting online marketing strategy, investment forecast, and investor strategy
  • Developing marketing strategyPreparing materials for later release, media coverage, contacting thematic platforms and top bloggers, and distributing online information.Launch social media groups to attract and inform people.Product purchase campaigns for product testing and e-mail collection for their instincts on the new release phases
  • Implement marketing strategies before launch to meet your goalsDistribution of press releases onlineCreating articles and releases on thematic platforms and blogsCampaign preparation after launch
  • Implementing marketing strategy after launchPR activitiesPPC CampaignsSearch Engine Optimization initiatives

Do you want to plan a marketing strategy?

Services suitable for your startup


Conversion rate optimization

We ensure that all marketing initiatives have the desired results. Using conversion rate optimization strategies we will increase sales and generate more leads on the same amount of traffic. We improve the user experience of the site and test many variations to get the optimal version.


Search engine optimization

We optimize your website for search engines in order to increase your chances of reaching the most suitable customers, using onsite SEO optimization, content marketing and a versatile mix of PR plus linkbuilding.


Pay per click

We help you attract relevant traffic through PPC campaigns using Google Adwords, Google Display Network, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc. We’ll help you set your goals and optimize your ads correctly.


Social media marketing

We will help you reach thousands of potential customers by improving your business presence on social networking sites. We will improve your business presence by communicating with your current clients through different campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.


UX/UI Design

We will give your site a unique and highly optimized design to ease the use and increase sales. We will help you improve the user experience of your site and make your users fall in love with it, so they will return with the same pleasure each time.


Email marketing

We will help you set up email marketing campaigns for your clients. We will increase sales with recurring strategies, discount campaigns, emails for abandonment and on-board campaigns for newcomers.

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