Personalized email marketing services.

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Personalized email marketing services

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Why choose email marketing?

Email marketing campaigns are a good opportunity to increase revenue through regular interaction with current and new customers. No matter how large your contact list is, email campaigns can help you reach your customers with information, campaigns, and offers through a personal channel. We will help you set up email campaigns and use them to:

  • Informing your customersEmail marketing campaigns are a good channel to inform about new offers, new services and campaigns that take place on your business website. We will help you to share the information to all your subscribers as accurately as possible.
  • Increase salesEmail marketing campaigns can have a positive impact on revenue if they are targeting current customers with various promotions.
  • Creating a loyal communityEmail marketing campaigns effectively help you communicate with existing customers, which contributes to retention. You do not have to sell actively to build a relationship with your customers, they can always come back and buy.
  • Testing new servicesWhen you launch a new product or service on the market, you can test it with your current customers using an email marketing campaign. Their feedback can help you improve your product with maximum efficiency.

How can we help you with email marketing?

  • Segment contactsWe help you segment users according to interests, recent sales, behavior and other criteria. Contact segmentation plays a very important role in setting up an email marketing campaign because it provides a solid foundation for future successful campaigns, ensuring that it targets the right customers
  • Email marketing strategy developmentOnce you segment your audience, you’ll need a strategy that includes an individual approach for each segment. We help you develop these strategies
  • Integrate with existing solutions on the marketAutomation saves time and allows you to efficiently process customer lists
  • Email templatesThe more attractive your messages, the higher your conversion rates and earnings are. Your emails must be responsive and remain readable even in plain text. We will provide attractive templates to ease the design process
  • Programming email marketing campaignsSending emails to the right moments with the right messages is the key to success. We’ll help you identify the right times to send emails and we’ll keep track of your campaigns
  • Campaign analysisThe email marketing solutions we will use provide complete statistics on the effectiveness of your campaign, including delivery rate, opening rate, and clickthrough rate. Based on these data, we can identify ways to improve your campaign

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